HBL promises to maintain the highest level of public trust and confidence. The service spirit of fairness, honesty and impartiality has won us a lot of prestige, and the company also regards it as the most valuable corporate property. We realize that our prestige is closely related to the behavior and professionalism of employees who strictly adhere to the highest quality and ethics when performing their duties. Without the high-quality performance of our employees, we might not be able to create such a glorious history.

The Code of Business Ethics and Employee Conduct (“Code”) provides a general standard outline for the company, managers and employees. This standard is set to enhance values ​​and principles and to prevent any improper behavior. This standard is very important to ensure that our employees and all the public are aware of the standards we set for ourselves. All employees are personally responsible for complying with this Code. Failure to comply with the provisions may result in disciplinary action, which may include dismissal, referral to relevant government agencies or other regulatory agencies (if applicable). For any behavior not specifically mentioned in this Code, employees will consult their supervisor or an appropriate representative of the Legal Department as instructed, but in the end, they still have the responsibility to use their judgment to criticize and use the spirit and principles embodied in this Code Act with ethics consistent with values.

Regulatory laws and regulations
HBL’s goal is to provide customers with the highest value and the best customer service, and maximum foreign exchange trading experience. Although we have set the above goals, the company will still abide by laws and regulatory requirements over profits. In the field of business ethics, we must always abide by applicable laws and regulations.

HBL was established in 2010 in Hong Kong and is a member of the Hong Kong Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society, membership No. 163 with AA operation status.

Main moral concepts

HBL realizes that our success is based on a reputation for justice, credibility and trustworthiness. We respect the interests of our customers; we will fulfill our promises and only make promises that are expected to be fulfilled.

HBL stipulates that when communicating with the public, there must be no false or misleading elements, and individuals must not participate in dishonest acts or misleading or deceptive acts. HBL believes that the pursuit of truthfulness and honesty is not only due to our strict compliance with regulatory requirements. On the contrary, this pursuit is based on our philosophy of strengthening investor protection. We do everything we can to ensure that our communications and promotional materials with our customers are true and complete. Accurate and complete information helps investors make smart decisions. Therefore, our statements are to avoid confusion and misleading.

HBL is committed to treating others the way we want to be treated. We will apply this hospitality in a consistent and non-discriminatory manner, regardless of whether the client is the largest institutional investor or individual small account holder.

We actively strive for overall interests, but we do so in a fair, ethical, and fully compliant manner with all applicable laws, as well as the values ​​and principles embodied in this Code.

We have built a history of success through honest business competition. We will not use illegal or unethical means to gain competitive advantage. We strive to do fair dealings with customers, service providers, other companies or individual peers. We oppose the use of any form of manipulation, concealment, abuse of non-disclosure information, misrepresentation of key facts or any other unfair means to obtain unfair benefits.

HBL has established a glorious history. We fulfill the promises made to customers, employees, service providers, government departments, other companies, the media, and society. As for our responsibilities, we are all committed. For customers, we try our best to provide various products and services in an efficient and innovative manner that meet their needs. In addition, we also provide a fast, reliable, convenient and useful trading environment in terms of price and quality. For employees, we provide many challenging positions in this professional working environment, and open up many fair opportunities for employees in performance-based professional development. For service providers, we try to forge mutually beneficial relationships while promoting the principles of this code. For government departments, we strive to strictly abide by all relevant laws and good business practices. We will not sacrifice compliance with laws for profit; on the contrary, we will cooperate with government departments and provide assistance to them to achieve the common goal of investor protection. For other companies, we promise to provide high-quality products and services with a respectable business policy to compete fairly. We provide appropriate support to the media to assist them in reporting our business accurately and objectively. As a member of the entire society, we are committed to providing support to many organizations and institutions in the areas of society, public welfare, education, humanity and culture. We promise to continue to be serious, responsible and abiding by the law and become one of the corporate members of this society.

HBL has invested a lot of resources, including time, manpower and money, to develop excellent foreign exchange products and services. These products and services have made us widely recognized as a leader in the online foreign exchange market. Therefore, HBL’s transaction volume has almost become the highest in the industry. The high transaction volume has prompted us to establish strong transaction execution relationships with many of the world’s largest liquidity providers, including global banks, financial institutions and other market makers.

We value the innovation and experience of our employees. Our executives and employees have extensive experience in the foreign exchange market. As early as when the foreign exchange industry emerged, many employees have taken on the pioneering role in the online foreign exchange field. We are definitely a qualified company.

Reliability is a characteristic of HBL and the products and services we provide. The company’s foreign exchange market opening hours provide a 24-hour multi-language support network, including sales, trading, administrative and technical support. Our goal is to give our clients a sense of reliability and let them feel that we are worth relying on, so as to save them from worrying about individual investment strategies.